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Laal Maas ( red fiery meat gravy)

I’ve heard of mum talk about Laal Maas from way back when I was a child old enough to understand the various Indian cuisines and their specialities. She always spoke about this dish in tones of such awe ,about a particular person who made it to perfection that I never harboured even the thought of trying my hand at making it…. nor was there anyone who offered to make it for me. So, it just had to be a dish that I indulged in when in Rajasthan ! Or so I thought …

I find that life surprises you when you least expect it to , even in the tiniest of ways. and anyone who cares enough about me ,to spoil me that little bit is an angel in my book. Now angels in my life come in different avatars ! This one in particular is a tall , gruff voiced , polite to a fault (to the elders only 😉  )foodie who pretends he is mortally scared of me and happens to be the first person who I’m proud to ‘own’ as a “brother-in-law” ! (I do hope he’s reading this…I can almost hear that polite voice change to extreme shock ! ) all pretense I tell you and my niece would be inclined to agree ! I would love to add a picture of him but I’m scared he may leave town and we can’t have that….who would I have to torture ?!!

Annnywaayy … there we were early this year , sitting down to one of our conversations when he has a ‘let me be nice to Shanthini moment’ ! He whips out this cook book which looked  so regal , all bound in purple velvet bearing the picture of a Maharaja. I was spellbound instantly. I’m glad he insisted that I take it home despite my protests because the content is so rich in culture , photographs , rituals and of course food !

What should I come across a few pages later but a recipe for the famous Laal Maas from the great kitchen of the Maharaja of Udaipur , complete with picture and all. Of course I had to make it… I was duty bound by the immense faith placed in me by brother – in – law dearest. No I did not invite him for a tasting because I had to make sure it was perfect before it was offered to the likes of his well travelled palate. (psst…that’s why I’m still holding on to the book :p )

But boy am I glad I tried it out, not only was it a joy to make but it was the kind of recipe where very little can go wrong. The family did full justice to the dish which I happily served in my blue earthenware dish from Auroville to set off that mouthwatering red :) I do hope you enjoy it as much as we did… I won’t know that unless you leave a comment in the box.

And you know who to thank for this recipe …

Laal Maas extreme close up

I’ve had to change the proportions to suit our taste buds. i also used the ghee as an aromatic and just enough to boost health. The original recipe calls for the meat to be cooked only in pure ghee.

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  • 1. Wash , clean and cube the meat
  • 2. You may use either a pressure cooker or a deep handi with a lid
  • 3. Heat the oil 9you can use only ghee as well ) on low and add all the whole spices first. mace , peppercorns , cardamom , cloves , cinnamon .
  • 4. Once the aromas waft out , add the ginger paste , garlic paste and the chilli paste.
  • 5. Add the cubed meat ans stir through well.
  • 6. Saute' on low heat until the oil / ghee floats
  • 7. Now add the meat stock and stir .
  • 8. Cover and let cook ...if you're using a pressure cooker check after about 12 whistles. in a handi , check after about 20 minutes and stir every now and then.
  • 9. Cook until the meat is tender and well cooked ,add salt to taste and the fresh coriander.
  • 10. Stir well ,take it off the heat and serve hot with any carb of choice.
  • 11. A wedge of lemon on the side makes it just perfect for me.

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