Laksa in my book is at the top of the list of comfort foods…wholesome and nourishing,a hot bowl of Laksa on a rainy day really hits the spot ! Encompassing all the flavours spicy,sweet,salty and sour….it’s a great ‘pick me up’ at the end of a long day..or even as a special family meal….either way it’s delicious and makes one feel utterly pampered and special while slurping it up 😉 Well !!! there’s really no other way to enjoy it ,is there ;p. It’s just as delicious with vegetables…the flavour of fresh herbs and chili in a coconut milk broth does indeed transport you to the streets of Malaysia.
Recipe for Laksa
Most Laksa recipes also add chicken in the broth…I quite like it even without…doesn’t alter the taste in any way ! 


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  • 1. In a large pan,heat some oil and add the prawns or the veggies...let cook (prawns need to turn opaque-a minute or so)
  • 2. Add the laksa paste and saute well
  • 3. dd a little bit of water,to deglaze the pan and cook the paste and prevent if from burning Now add the thin extract of coconut milk,half the spring onions,quarter of the coriander leaves,some sugar,fish sauce,turmeric powder and let it simmer...10-12 mts,with the lid closed
  • 4. Check for seasoning...once the coconut milk has reduced and the flavours are blended,take off the fire and add the thicker extract...and let it simmer,with the lid open,stirring once in a while...about 5-6 mts...check flavours...
  • 5. cook the noodles as per packet instructions,just before serving.
  • 6. To serve,place the noodles in a bowl,pour over the coconut milk broth(with prawns or veg) and garnish with sliced red chillies,coriander leaves,mint leaves,a squeeze of lime and some friend shallots and spring onions.
  • 7. While the dish has a lot of elements to it,the cooking process as you can see is extremely just involves stocking up on some basic ingredients and I'm guessing the first time you make a Laksa will certainly not be the last ....quite an addictive dish.
  • 8. Most of the Metro cities do have galangal in speciality stores...if you don't find it,use a bit of the dried galangal or you can omit it,the other flavours are still finger licking good !!!

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