Lemon pudding filtered

Lemon pudding

I called up my mother excitedly to stop by and taste my lemon pudding. Like us , she too loves the zesty flavours of lemon ….besides I need to bribe her every now and then to come visit her only daughter ! Sad but true… sighhhh  😉

Ah feels good to have got that off my chest ! 😀   Now we can talk about the actual dish itself … not only did I enjoy making it for my children and for a very special childhood friend but the fact that it turned out to be all lemony , crisp and chewy on the outside and all gooey inside. in short , a big hit which made me super happy. Of course I have mum to thank for that because as I have mentioned in the past , she is my ‘cookbook angel’ . This recipe is from the Donna Hay cookbook. I love how easy and non-fussy her recipes are and I’m so glad that I finally made something from it rather than just sitting back and reading whilst drooling over the pictures.

I’ve stayed true to the recipe , except for one ingredient ;the all purpose flour. I refrain from using white flour as much as possible in my cooking . The next time , I make this I’m going to substitute the white sugar for a light palm sugar that we make at home from organic rock sugar crystals. I think that flavour will really complement those of the lemon.

The reason that the word organic is mentioned next to the ingredients is because I am of the firm belief that it does make a difference to the taste of the final dish. We all need to start being more aware of the source of our ingredients if we’re to have a shot at wellness  !

Right ! So… mom tasted my pudding , but not before asking me to give her a teeny helping as she’d just finished eating lunch !!!!! See what I have to put up with…there I am waiting and eager to feed my mother WHO despite being invited makes sure she has very little space left in her stomach to try my cooking despite the fact that her grand kids had already tasted it the previous day and given it a big thumbs up ! Just goes to show how much faith she has in my cookery skills !

(Just making her mad , so she’ll come by to thump me on my head 😛  )

Anyway , she tastes it and goes… ” Ohh remember the lemon delicious I used to make when you were kids ?!” I had to say ” Umm no ma I don’t ! ” She adds , “Oh I used to make it all the time ! ” I conjure up images of mom and her sons enjoying many helpings of lemon delicious over the years in my absence and allow myself a moment of self sympathy and save that thought as a plan of attack at an opportune moment (with my sister in law’s help of course) … LOL !

Thankfully she loved the pudding as much as the others did and that’s precisely why I’m sharing it with you all. It’s quick , easy ,not too high on calories and above all a joy to make for yourself and for those you love . So , do give it a try and create your own special memory while you’re at it ! I know I have :)


Lemon pudding vertical

I love my ceramic Sri Lankan spoons with this dessert because the expression looks like he got a big hit of lemon on his taste buds !!!!

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  • 1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C
  • 2. Butter the bottom and sides of the ramekins (if your containers are small , this mixture may even fill 10 )
  • 3. Measure out all the ingredients carefully and put it together.
  • 4. If using a food processor , put all the ingredients together and process until smooth.
  • 5. If like me, you don't own a food processor then just lightly whisk all the ingredients by hand with a balloon whisk until it mixes. Then pulse it in a blender for a minute until you get a creamy mixture.
  • 6. Do not over load the blender jar as it can lead to a lot of spillage. It's best blended in stages and transferred to a big bowl.
  • 7. Spoon ladle fulls into the ramekins until it almost reaches the top but not quite.
  • 8. Bake just before serving , for 20 - 25 minutes ,until the top is golden and just set.
  • 9. Serve hot or warm with a cold quenelle of vanilla ice cream.

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