single lettuce cup salad

Lettuce cup salad

This picture was taken at a kids’ competition…when u do find a good head of lettuce with firm leaves,there is no need for a container,the lettuce leaf will form the cup…but as this was made by little hands, for the first time,a bit of precaution was necessary ;))

PLT Salads for every day

Salads,have fast become a meal,they are quick to make,have endless possibilities…so it’s perfect for the creative cook and to top it all off…can be super healthy…a win win ,if you ask me :) !!!
single lettuce cup salad

1. Lettuce cups with cherry tomatoes,corn and olives in a honey mustard vinaigerette

Now,this recipe will always bring a smile to my face,it was conjured up in the kitchen with the youngest member of my family and consists of all things,the little one finds yummy
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  • 1. Halve the cherry tomatoes
  • 2. Mix in the drained olives and corn...set aside.
  • 3. Beat with a small salad whisk or a fork
  • 4. the EVOO,honey,mustard,vinegar until it forms an emulsion where you cannot see the oil floating...add the seasonings.
  • 5. mix in to the tomatoes,corn and olives...just before serving fill it in the lettuce cups,serve in individual bowls/small platters...
  • 6. The little chef suggests rolling it up and taking a big bite :)...however if u prefer,the lettuce can also be torn up and tossed together to be served on one big platter !

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