mango ripe curry

Maambazham Kozhambhu (ripe mango curry)

  • Summer is  the time to indulge in mangoes,to one’s heart content. but there’s only so much mango that one can eat ,just in the fruit form. Since I believe in eating seasonal produce,I’m always on the lookout for interesting ways to use the mango in a dish. While I love the mango kadhi,I had never heard of a mambhazham kozhambhu,made in the south. This I discovered thanks to Smt.Prema Srinivasan’s wonderful book ,called “Pure Vegetarian”.It is a treasure trove of authentic South Indian recipes without the use of onion and garlic and I look forward to trying out more of those recipes !

What I like most,is the simplicity of this recipe ,it was ready in minutes and the sweetness of the ripe mango was perfect for lunch on a hot day. My kitchen helpers were astonished to hear of a ripe mango curry and watched it take shape step by step. I did deviate from the original recipe a bit by omitting the sugar and adding chilli flakes. I did this,simply because I did not want the extra sugar and if it tasted ,not so good,I could always have added it later. you may add it if you wish…I also did not add the  cumin seeds,I definitely plan to do so the next time,I make it.

mango curry with curd

You may also whisk the curd first before adding it, I just preferred to whisk it in the pan !

mango curry before tempering

I was already salivating at this point and was in quite a hurry to get to the tasting. I love how the bright mango yellow,became paler but yet retained it’s cheeriness !

Now,the big question was, what to serve it with…while I could have happily had a small katori of this,the rest ,I knew would need a carb accompaniment. The choice was , rotis made with red chilli powder and salt,to mirror the chilli in the curry and also to counter the sweetness of the ripe mango pulp. Deelicious !

mango curry ripe

The slow heating for a few minutes over a low flame,did help the water,yoghurt and mango pulp to come together beautifully ! A quick gravy,unusual and truly yummy. I’m sure most of you reading this will try it,it’s too easy not to…I want feedback !!!! Please do be a doll and post your comment.

mango curry with chappathi

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  • 1. Peel and de-seed the mangoes and scoop out the pulp
  • 2. Place it in a blender , add water and blend to a smooth pureè.
  • 3. Strain if there is a lot of fibre. Set aside in a medium sized pan.
  • 4. Add the yoghurt to the mango pureè and whisk in well until there are no lumps.
  • 5. Add salt and sugar. Taste.
  • 6. Add the roasted cumin and mix.
  • 7. Now place on very low heat , stirring continouslý until the mixture is slightly warmed up.
  • 8. Take off heat and set aside.
  • 9. In a small vessel , add the oiland place on heat. When hot add the curry leaves , mustard seeds and dried chillies. Once they splutter drop into the mango mixture.
  • 10. Mix in gently. Sprinkle the red chilli flakes on top and serve.
  • 11. Do not re-heat.

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