Mexican Lasagne

If I have offended Mexicans and Italians all over the world..apologies and in my defence, I’d like to add that I am not the creator of this dish but I merely borrowed the idea from the lovely enchantress of cookery shows Nigella Lawson ! This dish is the perfect meal ,to be whipped up on a busy day…or it can be assembled ahead and baked 20 mts before eating your meal ! It combines the delicious flavours of Mexico and the technique of Italian cooking in a sumptuous manner !
Once you have this recipe in your repertoire…it just needs a bit of planning ahead,say at the beginning of the week and once you have the necessary ingredients,it really is a breeze !By planning ahead,I mean only the cooking of the kidney (rajma) beans which need to be soaked overnight and pressure cooked thoroughly for 20mts until they are soft…as uncooked beans can be toxic !!! That and you need to keep ready in your pantry some jalapenos,olives,corn…and lots of tomatoes…we Mexicans and Italians love those !!!!
For those of you who have hectic schedules but still like to cook,you can ,if you prefer,substitute canned tomatoes or tomato puree…as long as it does not contain extra sugar or salt !

mexican-lasagne-serving1This dish tastes every bit as delicious as it looks minus the loads of calories that a traditional lasagne carries. Do try it ,it’s quick ,easy and very satisfying !

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  • 1. In a large pan ,add the tomatoes,onions and garlic,add enough water to cook and boil for about 6-8 mts...let cool
  • 2. Once it's cool,puree it and strain it and set aside.
  • 3. Now combine together in a bowl,the beans,olives,jalapenos and corn,add some chili flakes,salt if necessary,a bit of olive oil and toss and set aside.
  • 4. In a shallow pan,add a little oil and add the tomato mixture,add salt, a pinch of sugar and let boil with the lid closed for 8 mts...add the chopped coriander leaves(what's Mexican without coriander ?!!!)
  • 5. Once the tomato mixture reduces,check for seasoning.
  • 6. In the baking dish,place the first layer of tortilla wrap / wraps depending on the size of the dish...
  • 7. Spoon over some tomato sauce until it covers completely
  • 8. Add a layer of the beans and corn
  • 9. Cover with another layer of tortilla wrap
  • 10. Again the tomato sauce and the bean mixture
  • 11. Once ,you've reached the last layer,when your sauce and veg are with the cheddar cheese and bake until melted and gooey. Serve hot.
  • 12. I would recommend this be served with my yummy lettuce and orange salad ...very refreshing in contrast to all these spicy flavours ! Or you could also serve it with some simple grilled lemon chicken ! It does make for good leftovers,a yummy lunch box option...very minimal butter,no deep frying,no cream....just looks very rich but it actually is not :))

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