• Mushroom soup in a bowl

Mushroom and celery soup

On certain days nothing sounds as comforting as a bowl of soup.Soups have the unique quality of providing complete satisfaction however simple or complex it may be. Soups can be light and refreshing as well as rich and decadent. I for one love a bowl of soup with a bite of crusty bread and I believe every soup has a garnish that makes it so special.For me ,the garnish elevates not only the flavour but transforms a simple bowl of soup into a very special meal.Soups are something I always associate with my grandmother and she will only relish it with a soup spoon…the memory of the frown,I received ,on handing her the wrong spoon ,is extremely vivid in my mind…an error that I shall never  repeat ever ! Besides that,she is an absolute sweetie…who loves soups and salads,especially that what I make over that of her own daughter’s ..aka my mum !!! Haha…

So,nowadays, when soup is on the menu…the little hands at home are first looking for the garnishes before even figuring out the flavour of the soup…and at many a time,do think that they need to give me suggestions on what other garnishes I could’ve used…sigh…the flip side of having foodie offsprings !!!!! Lol !

This mushroom soup is so simple,that it can be made in no time at all.The only thing I would insist on, is to use the freshest mushrooms possible,they do add to the taste.The stock can be made and frozen in ice trays and used when needed.


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  • 1. Veg stock :- In a pressure cooker,add 6 cups of water,1 carrot,1 potato, 1onion,1 clove of garlic,a big pinch of rock salt,1 bay leaf and 1 tsp of black peppercorns. Let it cook for until 4 whistles and let cool. Once it has cooled,strain the stock water. Add the onion and garlic back into the water and blend.Set aside.
  • 2. In a pan,add the olive oil,on low heat. Add the mushroom and celery and saute' well. Add the thyme,salt and pepper At this stage,the mushrooms tend to give out a lot of water...let it cook until the water dries out. Add the veg stock and let it come to a boil...check seasoning.Take off the fire. Just before serving,add the milk and heat it gently. Ladle into bowls and garnish with the slices of red chillies. It's yummy with some crusty bread on the side ! Enjoy !

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