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This awesome recipe for Roast Chicken was shown on a Master Chef episode by Gary Mehigan…he made it look so simple and so easy,I just had to try it out ! True to what he said,it was super easy and absolutely yummilicious…a perfect Roast Chicken…I have added and omitted certain things based on availability but I know ,it would grace my table frequently in the years to come ! I have kept this blog vegetarian for the most part,but a dish like this needs to be shared and I do hope it gives you and your family the pleasure it gave me and mine :) Gary used a whole dressed chicken,I went with drumsticks and breast pieces,I suggest either using a whole chicken or only drumsticks !

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Roast chicken after cooking

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  • 1. Dressing
  • 2. Now Gary made an aioli from scratch,as i don't like to eat raw egg and I did not want the calories,my dressing was yoghurt,mustard,salt,pepper and specific quantities really,for 1 cup of dressing,it would be 1 cup of yoghurt,2 tbsp mustard,salt,pepper and 2 tsps of pl add or lessen any depending on your taste.
  • 3. Now,the carrots ,I kept it simple as they were so beautiful,just 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of honey in a pan,plopped the carrots and turned it until it simmered for 5 mts and coated it with a sticky glaze ! Yum !...You may add salt if u wish !
  • 4. coated it with a sticky glaze ! Yum !...You may add salt if u wish ! To may do so individually or cut up the chicken and arrange it on a platter with the stuffing balls,veggie and dressing...very chefy like

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