Pork fried rice in the wok

Pork fried rice

The credit for this meal ,completely goes to my friend Divya . Not only did she bring me back these delicious sausages from her holiday but also told me how to cook it for maximum yumminess. I love stretching an ingredient in a way that perks up a dish and that way you feel pampered but at the same time not terribly guilty !



Considering these sausages had a whole lot of fish sauce ,it wasn’t meant for my sea food allergic spouse. So,the rest of us polished away happily !!! I enjoyed making this dish for another reason, that is , I got to use up all the fresh lovely organic spinach grown in my aunt ,Mallika’s garden. As a home maker and a mom ,the feeling you get from using the contents in the refrigerator to it’s optimum is immensely satisfying.

My new bottle of rice wine vinegar bought at Nuts n Spices was also awaiting inauguration 😀  …joyously did that too !

 Spinach fresh

So ,this dish is really about that bit of left over cabbage , a big bunch of spinach and the other add ons. Purposefully the carrots and beans were ignored by me ,this time  😉 . I call it a pork fried rice ,because it is that and that was the ingredient responsible for this meal…but very easily this can be an equally satisfying vegetarian meal. Just add mushroom /baby corn /bell peppers/broccoli and a dash of plum sauce for that hint of sweetness…a spoon of vinegar to balance it all out ! Pickled carrot and chillies in vinegar and chilled are a great accompaniment and cut through the fattiness of the pork . Looking forward to hearing about your refrigerator raids !


The meal on the plate !

The meal on the plate !


Ta !!!

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  • 1. Chop ginger and garlic very finely
  • 2. To shred the spinach ,roll up the leaves and cut into long strips
  • 3. Beat the eggs well with the soy sauce...this I find adds flavour to the egg and takes away the eggy smell
  • 4. Cut the pork ,into small cubes.
  • 5. Line up all the ingredients before adding oil to the wok.
  • 6. Place the wok on low heat and add the ginger ,garlic and cabbage shreds.
  • 7. Cabbage being a little dense will need an extra bit of time to soften and will help the ginger and garlic to cook without burning. Add the sliced red chillies.
  • 8. Add a bit of salt for flavour.
  • 9. Add the pork cubes and mix well.
  • 10. After 3 or 4 minutes ,add in the beaten egg and stir around until it cooks quickly and forms long bits.
  • 11. Now add the spinach and toss well on slightly higher heat until it wilts but still retains the colour. Add a pinch of salt again. Sprinkle in the vinegar.
  • 12. Now turn off the heat and mix in the cooled rice with prongs or a fork. This will ensure it stays fluffy.
  • 13. Turn the heat back on,add the bird's eye chillies,the finely chopped spring onions and warm the whole mixture through,while continuously tossing and fluffing.
  • 14. Check for seasoning. Add more salt or spice if needed.
  • 15. Take off fire and serve hot with a pickled salad .
  • 16. As a vegetarian option ,you can add mushrooms and add some plum sauce and vinegar while sauteing it with the ginger and garlic. Add any other vegetables that you like .

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