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SriLanka on a plate

he island nation that is so close to home ,that feels like home but is yet so different , unique and beautiful…Sri Lanka ! Visiting a country where the people are so familiar and hospitable…makes for the perfect getaway…adding to that, is the charm of a culture very prevalent even today while simultaneously embracing modern thinking ! The mouthwatering food that is so similar to our own Indian cuisine and yet manages to surprise and excite the taste buds with it’s own special flavours and fragrances,keeps the visitor waiting to return to savour it again ! However number of times one visits this country,it still never ceases to amaze us by the sheer cleanliness , respect shown to visitors,the vibrant Tuk Tuks (my favourite!!!)

 and unimaginable vistas….you can tell,I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and I bring with me ,some very simple recipes to share with you and help you put together an authentic SriLankan meal at home !

A simple vegetarian Sri Lankan meal
Milk rice
Sri Lankan Dhal
served with coconut sambol/chilli sambol
Very comforting and very satisfying…what more does one want ?!!

tuk tukThe Tuk Tuk
milkk ricemilk rice

srilankan dhal and currySriLankan dhal and Fish curry


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  • 1. Recipe for milk rice
  • 2. Wash the rice well and transfer it to a medium sized cooking vessel
  • 3. Add the water and salt and cover and cook on low heat until the rice is soft and plump and all the water is absorbed.
  • 4. You may alternatively cook the rice in the rice cooker and then transfer to a vessel before adding the milk
  • 5. Now,with the heat on very low,add the coconut milk and stir it in with a spoon
  • 6. Let it cook on a very slow simmer for 10mts...check seasoning,add a bit more salt if necessary !
  • 7. If it cooks too fast,the texture will not be right and the rice may burn
  • 8. Once it is creamy,take off the heat and let cool a bit
  • 9. Grease a baking dish and press the rice onto it and flatten well with the back of a spoon
  • 10. Score a square or diamond pattern on the surface of the rice
  • 11. Once it has cooled and stiffened,cut with a knife and place the squares onto a serving plate
  • 12. Serve with warm dhal or fish curry with sambols as an accompaniment.
  • 13.
  • 14. Sri Lankan dhal curry
  • 15. Wash the dhal really well a few times
  • 16. Add it to a pressure cooker with all the ingredients except the thick coconut milk
  • 17. Add salt
  • 18. Cook until the dhal is cooked
  • 19. Add the thick coconut milk,on low heat and mix
  • 20. Temper the mustard,curry leaves and red chillies in some oil and add to the dhal at the a tadka
  • 21. Serve hot.
  • 22. While I'm sure the pandan leaves add aroma and flavour,do try the recipe even if you don't get your hands on the pandan will still taste pretty good !!!

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