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Sugar cookies for Christmas

Despite feeling a bit nostalgic about the year ending, December is a month that I eagerly await.It gives me a chance to pull out all my Santa thingamajiggs along with the cookie cutters to make up my joyous Christmas cookies

Ever since I got over my mental block of rolling and cutting out cookie dough , I’ve been happily churning these out year after year. It’s always during Christmas that I yearn to make these. It just reminds me of all the beautiful Christmas markets around the world. I feel like I have a piece of that in my own kitchen.

Each year ,angels arrive in different guises carrying with them seasonal sprinkles in the form of candy canes, holly berries , stars , snowflakes and Christmas trees. I cannot tell you how much they delight the child in me :) :)

Another reason I find these addictive, to bake, is to see the happiness beaming on the faces of children….both young and old 😉  Every star is placed with the thought of seeing excited smiles. It’s pure joy , that’s what it is, to smear green on one tree and white on another…. imagining one covered in snow and the other full and green glittering with baubles and smelling of pine …

Oh yes, ’tis the season to be jolly…tra la la… la la la… la la la…

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  • 1. Cream the butter until light and fluffy
  • 2. Add the sugar in a little at a time and beat well
  • 3. Add in the aromatics of your choice
  • 4. Fold in the flour well
  • 5. Using your hands make into a soft ball of dough
  • 6. Pre -heat the oven to 180 degrees C If using cutters , flatten the dough and cover with cling film
  • 7. Let chill on a metal plate in the refrigerator
  • 8. Take out flour for dusting , rolling pin , cookie cutters and a board to roll the dough
  • 9. Once the dough is chilled break off a quarter portion and roll out on a floured surface. Make sure the rolling pin is also dusted with flour to prevent any of the dough from sticking.
  • 10. Roll it out to a 1/4 " thickness. If it's rolled too thin it will break. too thick and it will not bake evenly.
  • 11. Immerse the cutters in flour and shake off the excess before cutting.
  • 12. Cut the shape , shake the cutter to dislodge it and place the cut out directly on the baking sheet in one fluid motion.
  • 13. Once the tray is filled , bake in the oven until golden .
  • 14. Let cool slightly before lifting off the tray.
  • 15. Continue in this manner until all the dough is used up. A part of the dough can also be frozen to use another time.
  • 16. Once the cookies are cooled it's time to frost.
  • 17. Mix in the hot water with the icing sugar. The mixture should neither be too thick or too runny. Just add either sugar or water until you get the preferred consistency.
  • 18. Separate into individual bowls
  • 19. Add a few drops of red and green food colouring. leave one white.
  • 20. Using a small palette knife , spread evenly before topping with sprinkles.

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