Tangy green mango salad

This one is a salad I make ever so often…it came into existence one afternoon when I had mum over for a simple lunch and hurriedly wanted to add a refreshing salad for a hot summer afternoon and has become well liked by family and friends alike :))
One of the things about being a foodie is to read up about chefs and learn about various cuisines.When you get an opportunity to show a celebrity chef around your city,it’s an exciting experience,for sure ! Karen Anand,I discovered is more than a foodie,a famous chef etc…she is also with all her successes a very grounded and warm human being,eager to learn in a different environment and see what best she can get out of that study ! The ‘know it all’ attitude is non-existant which made it very easy for my family and friends to interact with her and want to be a part of her idea for a farmer’s market !Showing her around the city is one thing but having her over for a meal did unnerve me a bit.Then good sense prevailed,a true foodie is looking for one thing,clean well prepared food that tastes good…to a world traveller such as her,typical¬† family favourites,I decided were the way to go…so we started with a tangy mango salad with green mangoes from my tree,refreshing for this time of year,I’m sure you will like it too !

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  • 1. Halve the mango,peel the skin and make fine juliennes..long thin strips of's a bit of work at first but worth it !
  • 2. Make similar fine juliennes of the carrots ...mix with the mango and set aside Slice the onion also into long ,fine,thin strips and soak in the juice of 1 lime/lemon After about 10 minutes.
  • 3. add the onion to the mango and carrot Add about a Tablespoonful of chaat masala and give a good mix.
  • 4. check for seasoning...add or reduce as you prefer !
  • 5. Something this simple and easy,will you believe i have served it at dinner parties,simple lunches,pot luck meals and I'm amazed every time how well it goes down with most as humble as it is,I just had to share this one.

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