Thai crispy potatoes with mushroom

Thai inspired potatoes with mushroom and chilli

Thai curries are among my most favourite dishes to cook for people. I love the manner in which I can build on the flavours and watch the whole dish come to life before me ,in stages. While I am now trying to grow some galangal at home, I do constantly bug friends travelling from that part of Asia ,to bring me some. I love making the fresh curry pastes,they are so aromatic and infuse such a special flavour to the meal. It’s wonderful that jasmine rice is now available in Coimbatore. The texture and aroma of the jasmine rice is so different in comparison to regular white rice…so delicious that it could become an addiction…mmmm if  I were writing this closer to meal time ,my salivary glands would have been working over time !!! 😉

A simple thai meal for me would be ;

Jasmine rice

Red / Green curry with chicken or veg

A ripe papaya and onion salad with peanuts or pumpkin seeds

Sometimes…spicy prawns with mango…. YUM !

Thai meal

This menu is simple yet very satisfying,in every way.

However an impromptu thai lunch for a very special guest,last week,had me nudging my brain to come up with another dish to add to this simple meal ! At the end of a busy week , I just decided to work with what ingredients I did have…I knew  just enough to follow the thai flavours of sweet,spicy,sour and a bit more ! So,came about this potato dish . I love coming up with recipes for someone else ,especially if it turns out good. Then you know that you will always think of that person when you make it again…maybe I should call them my ‘food family” !!!! (Then again if it turns out bad…I just pretend that nothing happened ,memory erased forever..of the dish ,not the person…haha !)


Thai crockery

The act of putting out crockery itself is so satisfying. Sometimes I think,even if you don’t cook the meal,laying it out and paying a little attention to detail here and there , is in itself, a labour of love. Attention to detail is an art that many of my friends and family excel at….so you know where all the influence comes from. I am surrounded by it…lucky me :) :)

Thankfully the potato dish tasted yummy and I will be making it again. I share this recipe with you,in the hope that you will make it and that I get to hear about it from you !  Make this dish, squeeze out the cooked garlic pulp from that slow cooked garlic clove and taste…you will be hooked ! Next time,my thai crockery will come out…complete with elephant carvings and all……


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  • 1. Scrub the potatoes and peel and place in a bowl of water,to prevent discolouration.
  • 2. Clean the mushrooms and slice thinly
  • 3. In a rectangular shallow baking dish or alternatively a frying pan,add the veg oil
  • 4. Arrange the potatoes in one layer evenly.
  • 5. Tuck in the garlic pods here and there
  • 6. Add salt and some fresh cracked pepper (it's a habit with me for potatoes)
  • 7. Scatter a bit of the lemon grass
  • 8. Let cook on low heat or in a medium hot oven until the potatoes are almost cooked,turn them once during the cooking process carefully,to ensure even cooking.
  • 9. When they are 3/4 cooked arrange the mushroom slices on top and sprinkle ,the chilli vinegar over the top,along with some salt.
  • 10. Wait for about 10 mts until the mushroom are golden.
  • 11. Scatter the red chillies ,the remaining spring onions and lemongrass.
  • 12. Leave for just 5 mts and dot with the fragrant sesame oil
  • 13. Take off heat,drizzle with organic natural honey and serve hot.

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