cherry tomato  vibrant salad

Vibrant cherry tomato salad

As much as this family loves lemons and all the flavours associated with it… in equal measure is the fondness for tomatoes,especially the little cherry tomato fellow ! All cute and plump and bright red…what’s not to love ?!!

cherry tomatoes red n juicy

So,you can imagine how happy I was ,when this lot of vibrant red deliciousness was delivered to my doorstep. The joy of having friends share their home grown produce is a unique one. For this bounty I am deeply thankful to my friend Sandhya,she has no idea how nurtured we felt on tasting these.

In all honesty ,without any exaggeration, I can say ,that these were the tastiest tomatoes that I had ever eaten. They were so perfect ,without any need for any added flavour including salt…that’s what my kids and I thought !!! However,for the others to completely appreciate the taste ,I decided to add a few minimal ingredients.

cherry tomatoes before roastingMy basil plant ,with it’s green and lush leaves ,seemed the perfect contrast in colour .It also has that unique flavour profile that transforms it ‘s pairing with the tomato into a pizza or a lasagne sauce !

Rolled and thinly sliced,we were salivating as we scattered them around the juicy red savoury cherry rounds . a slight sprinkling of salt ,a twist of pepper,a drizzling of oil  and into the oven…as simple as that …no more fuss needed.

Cherry tomato n basil salad

Once roasted, the feta added the completion to the contrast in colour and texture. Warm and bursty and full of love ,exactly my kind of food ! This sat on my dinner table with grilled bratwurst and rosti….but the salad was indeed the eye catcher.

cherry tomato n forkAnd as you can see …we indeed like to save the best for last 😉  😉

I do hope you try this simple salad,it’s a great accompaniment to a continental meal or a fusion menu. in all it’s simple flavours and ease of execution,it still remains unforgettable !

Cherry tomato alone


That’s how much every last bite was revered and savoured :)

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  • 1. Wash and pat dry the cherry tomatoes
  • 2. Roll the fresh basil leaves and slice thinly,lengthways
  • 3. Mix with the tomatoes
  • 4. Add salt,pepper and olive oil and mix
  • 5. Roast in a medium hot oven for 10 mts
  • 6. Once the tomatoes are slightly burst apart,very slightly,take it out of the oven,add the feta cubes and drizzle with the white wine vinegar.
  • 7. Taste ,to check seasoning and serve warm.

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