Watermelon,mint and feta salad

Watermelon Salad

Seasonal fruits,especially those that are available in summer are something,we all eagerly look forward to ! The memories of a hot afternoon spent in class and then rushing out to find the watermelon vendor is a deep rooted childhood memory. The first bite of the sweet watermelon , the juice dribbling down the chin and the greed with which we swallowed the fruit is still such a vivid picture in my mind…as I’m sure it must be for my fellow collage mates ! This experience also brings to mind at how shocked members of my family were,at seeing me wolf down fruit by the roadside…like as if I had not been fed for days !!!! No amount of berating from my uncles ,got me to give up that habit …because…. mum didn’t really mind,you see ! 😉

If you ask me ,the watermelon is such a pretty fruit ,one can’t help but want to taste it. Images themselves of a watermelon are  cooling during the hot summer months…so it’s not surprising that they are extremely popular with designers of kids’ clothing and swim wear. I used to be fascinated ,as a child when the fruit seller used to cut a square at the top of the melon,pull it out and have us all wait with bated breath ,if the fruit was indeed red enough and sweet enough ,to be sold…it always nearly was !

Since the watermelon has a high water content,it is rather light on the stomach . While I have tried it in juice and sorbet form,it was not until a couple of years ago,that I thought of using it in a salad. It’s so easy to make and the flavours are so simple and perfect for summer ! Frankly,I could eat the whole bowl…as could my kids ! Do try….the sweet,salty,lemony flavours will not disappoint you. In this image,the nuts are missing,I do usually use them..the crunch they add to the salad ,is yummy ! Organic watermelons,is what I recommend.

The reason I use small onions in summer are, because they are traditionally supposed to be more cooling for the body ! Far be it for me to argue with my elders !!!

watermelon organicWatermelon salad

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  • 1. Keep all the ingredients ready
  • 2. Slice the small onions thinly and set aside in a bowl
  • 3. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and add to the onions...let marinate for about 15 mts.
  • 4. Place the watermelon chunks in a salad bowl
  • 5. Add the feta cheese cubes
  • 6. Scatter the mint leaves
  • 7. Add a few twists of freshly cracked pepper
  • 8. Now ,add the onions with the juice on top and toss gently with long salad prongs.
  • 9. Taste a forkfull and then decide if salt is necessary.
  • 10. Scatter the nuts on top and serve immediately.

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