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Laal Maas aerial

Laal Maas ( red fiery meat gravy)

5 of 5 120 Minutes

I’ve heard of mum talk about Laal Maas from way back when I was a child old enough to understand the various Indian cuisines and their specialities. She always spoke ...

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Choc cupcakes with strawberry jam

Chocolate cupcakes with a jam filling

0 of 5 20 Minutes 20

Now that the kids (mine and the other nieces , nephews , their friends and then some..) have gotten older, the food that I tend to cook for them has ...

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Guacamole with blue crisps


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Avocados are rich in Vit C , K , calcium , potassium along with other minerals. A good reason to snack on that guacamole !

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Pistachio and rose water loaf cake

Pistachio and rose water cake with real rose syrup

0 of 5 45 Minutes

This pistachio and rose water cake is one of my personal all time favourites… to eat as well as to make ! This has just gotten that much more special ...

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Little millet saladx

Little Millet Salad

0 of 5 15 Minutes

Thanks to the initiative taken by many health gurus , millets are now gaining in popularity during meal times at most homes. Our home too has taken to happily experimenting ...

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Watermelon sorbet aerial

Watermelon sorbet

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I’m sure most of us have at least 1 condensed milk dessert recipe to fall back on when in dire straits ! It’s an ingredient that has helped many of ...

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Green tomato salad

Green tomato salad

1 of 5 350gms

The best way to beat the onslaught of the summer heat is, I find, to indulge in food that cool the system and are easy on digestion. We have to ...

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Orange marmalade full without me in the spoon

Orange marmalade and coconut squares

0 of 5 40 Minutes 30 squares

I know what most of you are thinking ! Why marmalade ?! … Yes I never liked it either,as a child. Would’ve never thought in a million years that would ...

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Vazhaikkaigreen banana porridge

Green banana porridge

0 of 5 15 Minutes

As I pick up tips on how to nurture my kitchen garden, I’m begining to appreciate the care that goes into growing any kind of produce . A little effort ...

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Brownies with millet flour

Chocolate and pecan brownies with millet flour

0 of 5 25 Minutes 15

Who doesn’t love brownies ?! Each version that I’ve come across over the years seems more decadent than the other ! Since there are many friends and family members who ...

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