Road trips and food

India being so vast and varied in landscapes , climate and experiences…we all need to take road trips every once in awhile to explore quiet vistas…for a real getaway,  a rejuvenation for the soul…whether with a group or in solitude ,such road trips always have a companion...the food….that just doesn’t taste as good, when eaten indoors !!!

Valparai !! 010
Valparai !! 016

While breathing in fresh air and listening to the amazing sounds of nature,that sadly are drowned in cities due to the hustle and bustle of civilisation,conversations always tend to become more introspective and enlightened…very little bothers the human mind in such surroundings ! One owes it to beautiful hillsides,the respect that only photography can pay,even through the lens of an amateur…and when we do stop to capture these breathtaking images,an unspoken understanding is to relish the moment with small nibbles of food,that one always craves while soaking in unpolluted air !

Valparai !! 005
Valparai !! 035

Valparai !! 018
Just to be able to be at such a serene spot is such a gift…how dare we not fight to preserve these amazing treasures!!!! To have had the privilege and pleasure of sighting a horn bill in flight is incomparable…the hills indeed are alive and breathtakingly so !!!!

Being on a trip with fun loving teenagers is such a joy and their voracious appetites also gives others an excuse to indulge…a lot of the other grub could not be photographed owing to lightning actions of hand to mouth ;)))))
While I should have taken pictures of the simple but delicious meals served at the place we vacationed in…I was simply having too much fun,to remember to take fun food photos !!! It happens sometimes !!!

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