Simple italian veggie menu

A vegetarian menu can be slightly daunting to people who are non-veggie lovers…on many an occasion I have had people, who are excellent cooks,ask me for suggestions for a completely veggie meal.While our Indian cuisine does offer a staggeringly wide variety of veggie options,when one wants to pick another cuisine to cook from,very often,the sheer thought process needed to think up a menu can leave one long exhausted before actually beginning to prepare for a meal !!! And cooking or time spent in the kitchen is not meant to be stressful and exhausting….cooking,to me is an art,one of the best ways to show people how much you care :)) So an Italian veggie menu could go something like this….strict vegetarians,please exclude the egg dish!
For a informal but special dinner for 8
Penne pasta with mushroom
Baked spinach and ricotta
Roasted bell peppers with garlic and tomatoes
Eggs with a tomato caper sauce
Potato and chive salad
This menu was designed keeping in mind ,as i think one needs to,the food groups…The potatoes and pasta are the carbs, the eggs and ricotta offer the protein, the bell peppers apart from being full of vitamins/minerals offer the much needed lightness/freshness to the meal,spinach is the super food ;),the tomatoes really do add the acidity required in any meal…so the guest has the option of eating a light/heavy meal.
Dessert…I would suggest a simple chocolate(no cream ,no butter)fudge pudding
A fruit sorbet would also be lovely !
Follow with an espresso or a liqueur of your choice ! Yummy !

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