Simple veg menu

Food and celebration go so hand in hand in most cultures bringing with it immense amounts of satisfaction and comfort…while we no longer,in most Indian households ,put in the hard work of grinding,chopping,churning by hand,for large gatherings,we still do feel the need to replicate the occasions from past memories from childhood ! In those days the calories lost by working in the kitchen was quickly replenished by the food consumed…leading to a healthy mind and body !
Since by and large the food for celebrations is supplied by a caterer,these days ,I think while we may not have the time or the inclination to do manual labour,we can still keep our health in check by eating food that is not only delicious but very nutritious and not fattening…even on a long weekend,one finds people planning on having a meal out or a leisurely enjoyable meal at home…a non fussy but satisfying Saturday veggie lunch could be:
Aloo paratha with yoghurt
Spinach and paneer cutlets
Curry leaf and garlic gravy
Baby brinjals saute’
Rice,Rasam and some roasted pappad maybe
I find the aloo paratha can just be lightly brushed with a few drops of ghee and will taste even better than adding dollops of butter/ghee…having been told for years by my mum and grand mum about the health benefits of ghee,I am forced to eat humble pie now as more and more nutritional experts swear by that little bit of ghee everyday along with virgin coconut oil ,so everything is beneficial taken with the right foods and most importantly in the right quantity !

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