Simple veggie menu

It’s always a dilemma for a foodie what to serve when inviting people over for a meal…keeping in mind the general preferences,if any,it’s always best I think to follow a few simple rules
1.Never try more than 2/3 new dishes for the first time,for a party
2.Stick to a few dishes that you are familiar with and is always well received
3.If it’s a slightly bigger group…keep in mind a few dishes that are quick to prepare and easy to serve
4.Sometimes,dips,chutneys,desserts can be made the previous night,so do take advantage of that time saving factor.
5.Since the host needs to have a good time too and that will in turn reflect on the guests,serve food that needs not too much attention to detail…food can look stunning and be super easy at the same time !
For eg…an easy dinner for 2 guests can be;
Drink of choice
Baked potato wedges
veg crudites with a hung curd dip

Main course
a spiced papaya salad
jasmine rice with thai red/green curry
tofu and bell peppers in a herb sauce
baby corn fritters
Fresh mango fool
The dessert can be made ahead of time as well as the curry…all it takes is a bit of organising and planning!

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