South indian lunch

I’ve often been asked how to figure out a menu where the dishes compliment one another,especially a vegetarian one ,where many feel the choices are so limited… I do believe that our country is a veggie lover’s paradise,with so much to choose from and so many variations to the way 1 vegetable can be cooked…nothing can beat Indian food… now while planning a simple tasty IndianĀ  meal I would suggest to keep in mind a few basic rules…
1 or 2 carbohydrate dishes
a light fresh salad
Definitely a crunchy side dish
A gravy dish
A semi dry dish
A yoghurt based dish
Some pickles,chutneys…that can be made ahead not necessarily on that day…
And of course ,the best for last…a sweet dish
so…how does this sound…
Thattapayir kozhambhu(Red lobia gravy)
Sprouts salad
Beetroot vadai
Avvaraikkai poriyal (broad beans stir fry)
Curd with mango/lemon pickle
The sweet dish does not have to be a traditional Indian sweet,some ripe yummy mangoes can be just as satisfying,don’t you think ?!

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