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Chettinad Diaries

The Hindu Metroplus , Chettinad Diaries   1.Weaver’s colony What was once a thriving colony of over 2000 weaver families has dwindled greatly and is now reduced to a mere handful who work at the hand operated looms.Chettinad cotton sarees are much loved for their vibrant colours and traditional patterns.The proprietors at both Senthil Kumar […]

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Ravuthar recipes- Cookbook by Hazeena Seyad

The Hindu Metroplus , Ravuthar recipes – Hazeena Seyad   Picture courtesy :Rock Paper Scissors Studio A dish that is a huge favourite at home is undoubtedly the Kari Katti Kola urandai. To see it featured on the cover of a cookbook against a striking turquoise blue background, titled “Ravuthar Recipes” caught my attention instantly. […]

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Pulliyampatti and it’s weekly shandy

The Pollachi Papyrus , Pulliyampatti sandhai   Visiting a village shandy particularly in the South of India is an experience unlike any other.A few years ago having paid a visit to one closer to my home I became besotted by the hustle and bustle all over again,only this time as an adult !So when I […]

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Deepavali (Diwali) gift hamper options 2017

The Hindu Metroplus , The gifts you bear Deepavali,the festival of lights is celebrated with such joy and togetherness. It is a time of the year when families take time out of their daily routine to visit loved ones bearing special gifts. Festival gifts can vary from traditional home made sweets to carefully chosen exotic […]

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Natural Bath and beauty products made in Coimbatore

Hindu metro plus , Safe and skin deep How often have we just closed our eyes and inhaled in an aroma that soothed our senses or caught a whiff of someone’s perfume that made us smile ! I don’t know about you but I find that natural fragrances ,be they vetiver, citrus, sandal or cinnamon […]

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Khakras- Home made

Hindu metro plus , All about the crunch   Our exposure to Gujarathi food happened very early in life thanks to the influence of friends who were more like family. Anila aunty  was happiest when she was feeding us (siblings and cousins) choicest delicacies from her kitchen.The wafer thin khakras that she made to perfection […]

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The Great Kabab Factory

Hindu metro plus , Sumptously skewered Our family enjoys the distinct taste of mughlai cuisine. The newly opened Radisson Blu hotel in Coimbatore is also home to the restaurant known as ‘The Great Kabab factory’ . This restaurant is one of 22 such eateries that caters to diners across the country. The menu is fixed […]

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Karipala (Bread fruit)

Every summer of our childhood was spent climbing the thirteen hair pin bends that led to our quiet getaway in the Nilgiris. Among the sights that greeted me along the way were huge trees upon the trunks of which rested large numbers of jackfruit.The air too at those points was heavy with their sweet scent. […]

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  • Cook Time : 35 Min
Jam thumbprints with 2 coloured jams vignette

Strawberry preserve -locally grown and home-made

Hindu metro plus , Strawberry fields forever A friend gifted me a bottle of strawberry jam for Diwali,about 2 years ago. She told me that the lady who made it grew her own strawberries and was particular about following a natural process sans preservatives. I couldn’t wait to try!  The jam turned out to have […]

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