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Karipala (Bread fruit)

Every summer of our childhood was spent climbing the thirteen hair pin bends that led to our quiet getaway in the Nilgiris. Among the sights that greeted me along the way were huge trees upon the trunks of which rested large numbers of jackfruit.The air too at those points was heavy with their sweet scent. […]

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  • Cook Time : 35 Min
Jam thumbprints with 2 coloured jams vignette

Strawberry preserve -locally grown and home-made

Hindu metro plus , Strawberry fields forever A friend gifted me a bottle of strawberry jam for Diwali,about 2 years ago. She told me that the lady who made it grew her own strawberries and was particular about following a natural process sans preservatives. I couldn’t wait to try!  The jam turned out to have […]

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Ente Keralam – Coimbatore

Hindu metro plus , Syrian Christian food festival at Ente Keralam   For a person like me living in Tamil Nadu,the mention of Kerala evokes most often lush sceneries, relaxed beachfronts and back waters and most importantly the food. Living in the neighbouring state we aren’t really cut off from having access to the appams, […]

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  • Servings : 2
Turmeric fresh and mango ginger pickled
  • Servings : 6
  • Cook Time : 15 Min
moringa soup (2)
  • Yield : 48 mini muffins
  • Cook Time : 20 Min
chocolat muffins for V day 2017 aerial (4)

The French door

Hindu metro plus , The French Connection We decided on a lunch outing one day and as we drove down Bashyakarlu road,my mother pointed out to a building and said “oh look,what a beautiful house”.I smiled and told her that we had reached our destination.The restaurant in question was located behind a charming old French […]

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Panam kalkandu ( rock candy from the palmyra tree)

Hindu metro plus ,Sweet alternatives for pongal The rituals that make up the harvest festival hold a great deal of significance for me.Not only does it give me an opportunity to pay obeisance to the land for it’s multitude of offerings but it also throws light on how important it is to be involved in […]

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Micro greens -home grown

Hindu metro plus , Micro greens   Let’s talk micro greens shall we. They’re a recent addition to my kitchen garden. Before you groan and go , “not another new health fad” ,please read this through. The first time I was exposed to micro greens was when I was served a beautiful plate of a […]

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