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Khakras- Home made

Hindu metro plus , All about the crunch   Our exposure to Gujarathi food happened very early in life thanks to the influence of friends who were more like family. Anila aunty  was happiest when she was feeding us (siblings and cousins) choicest delicacies from her kitchen.The wafer thin khakras that she made to perfection […]

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The Great Kabab Factory

Hindu metro plus , Sumptously skewered Our family enjoys the distinct taste of mughlai cuisine. The newly opened Radisson Blu hotel in Coimbatore is also home to the restaurant known as ‘The Great Kabab factory’ . This restaurant is one of 22 such eateries that caters to diners across the country. The menu is fixed […]

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Savya Rasa experience in Coimbatore

Hindu metro plus , The Saavya Rasa pop up A few of my friends got together to check out the Savya Rasa pop up restaurant menu that’s on at Batlivala &Khanabuoy until the end of July. After hearing snippets about their visit I called to make a reservation for lunch the next day.The voice at […]

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Ente Keralam – Coimbatore

Hindu metro plus , Syrian Christian food festival at Ente Keralam   For a person like me living in Tamil Nadu,the mention of Kerala evokes most often lush sceneries, relaxed beachfronts and back waters and most importantly the food. Living in the neighbouring state we aren’t really cut off from having access to the appams, […]

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  • Cook Time : 45 Min
Oats and millet flour cookies for tea 2

The Indian Tamarind

Hindu metro plus , The sour truth If your childhood consisted of plucking ripe tamarind pods fresh off the roadside trees then you must know that it’s that time of the year again.The branches swaying in the wind result in unfolding a carpet of tamarind that remain undamaged thanks to being ensconced in the hard […]

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Panam kalkandu ( rock candy from the palmyra tree)

Hindu metro plus ,Sweet alternatives for pongal The rituals that make up the harvest festival hold a great deal of significance for me.Not only does it give me an opportunity to pay obeisance to the land for it’s multitude of offerings but it also throws light on how important it is to be involved in […]

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Holiday food musings

Hindu metro plus ,The bread spread   The holiday season is often filled with family get-togethers and fun conversations.In my family as I suspect is the same with many others , very often the talks involve serious discussions relating to food ,at all levels. Over one such meet up recently we got chatting about what […]

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Balaaji Bakery

Hindu metro plus ,Old fashioned treats   It’s no fun being under the weather, particularly during this time of year. Especially when you’d rather be elbow deep in the kitchen surrounded by flour , spices , candied peels and all the other delicious things that bring so much seasonal cheer. Just because the baking didn’t […]

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