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Open Kitchen pizzeria & deli

The quaint hill town of Coonoor has seen a few changes since the summers of my childhood.That’s why I was most excited to see the sign that said ‘Open Kitchen pizzeria & deli‘ set above the provision store at Bedford. Apart from a couple of mentions on my instagram feed about the pizzas I didn’t […]

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Cafe’ Diem

Hindu metro plus , Radhika Shastry’s cafe’   When my brother-in-law Arun, heard that I was going to Coonoor he not only told me to check out Café Diem but followed his suggestion up a few days later with an insistent reminder for the same. One of the topics that we can talk tirelessly of […]

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Feijoa Fruit

Travelling with family always makes for the best holiday memories. Especially a laid back trip ,in a familiar surrounding,breathing clean air and generally experiencing a feeling of wellness and health leaves deep imprints in my soul. It’s this kind of experiences that I like to pass on to the next generation of kids in my […]

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