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Pongal-The harvest festival

The Hindu Metroplus , Pongal feast   It’s interesting how Indian children of today are aware of the fact that Halloween is pumpkin pie time while thanksgiving and Christmas are all about roasts ,stuffing, mashed potatoes etc .How many of them actually pay heed to foods that are served up during a traditional pongal lunch […]

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Green papaya

Hindu metro plus ,How green is your papaya ?   A guest from Europe was quite fascinated at the sight of the papaya tree growing in my garden.It wasn’t just the fact that it was a tropical tree but also because the fruit when available was rather expensive in his part of the world.That set […]

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A salivatingly melodious evening

Hindu metro plus ,An evening of food and music For me a traditional South Indian rasam is always flavoured with a pinch of that intensely aromatic spice , asafoetida .If someone were to tell me that it did not originate in India I would have found it very hard to believe . But that’s just […]

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