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Maanga up for grabs

Simplicity Coimbatore , The versatility of the green manga Some of my most precious memories in life are those that were spent listening to the words of our former President Shri.Abdul Kalam. His messages, often simple spoke about sustainable living in a doable manner. During one of his talks here in Coimbatore,he laid emphasis on […]

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Pongal-The harvest festival

The Hindu Metroplus , Pongal feast   It’s interesting how Indian children of today are aware of the fact that Halloween is pumpkin pie time while thanksgiving and Christmas are all about roasts ,stuffing, mashed potatoes etc .How many of them actually pay heed to foods that are served up during a traditional pongal lunch […]

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Karipala (Bread fruit)

Every summer of our childhood was spent climbing the thirteen hair pin bends that led to our quiet getaway in the Nilgiris. Among the sights that greeted me along the way were huge trees upon the trunks of which rested large numbers of jackfruit.The air too at those points was heavy with their sweet scent. […]

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