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Nungu (Ice apple)

The Hindu Metroplus , Seasonal refreshers It was just about a year ago when a few of us happened to have a chat with the nungu sellers who set up shop under the plush tree lined roads at Ambarampalayam. The start of summer is when the tree climbers are hard at work picking ripened fruit […]

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  • Servings : 6
  • Cook Time : 15 Min
moringa soup (2)

The Indian Tamarind

Hindu metro plus , The sour truth If your childhood consisted of plucking ripe tamarind pods fresh off the roadside trees then you must know that it’s that time of the year again.The branches swaying in the wind result in unfolding a carpet of tamarind that remain undamaged thanks to being ensconced in the hard […]

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Sundakkai / thai eggplant /turkey berry

Hindu metro plus , sundakkai a k a turkey berry Thai food features on our menu at least a couple of times a month,especially when the weather turns cool. The combination of the fiery thai chilli paste and sweet ,creamy coconut milk is one that is irresistible. Over the years I’ve managed to grow the […]

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Hindu metro plus , Farm foraged food   A few years ago I read about the food philosophy that chef Rene Redzepi had adopted at his restaurant Noma. Not only did he succeed in securing top accolades for his food worldwide but also managed to highlight the beauty of using seasonal produce that grew in […]

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