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Thevar Attam (Dance of the gods)

The Pollachi Papyrus , Thevar aatam   The drive from the outskirts of Pollachi town towards the picturesque Aliyar is dotted with small villages, one among which is known as Kambaalapatti, populated by folk who have lived there over generations. While they all earn their livelihoods in diverse ways, their lives are intrinsically interconnected, thanks […]

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Pongal-The harvest festival

The Hindu Metroplus , Pongal feast   It’s interesting how Indian children of today are aware of the fact that Halloween is pumpkin pie time while thanksgiving and Christmas are all about roasts ,stuffing, mashed potatoes etc .How many of them actually pay heed to foods that are served up during a traditional pongal lunch […]

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Cauliflower Greens

Hindu metro plus , Don’t chuck those (organic) leaves   When a local farmer with years of experience in agriculture told me that it was possible to grow cauliflowers in the plains,it was all the prodding I needed to give it a go. This cruciferous vegetable that is loaded with a multitude of vitamins and […]

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Cafe’ Diem

Hindu metro plus , Radhika Shastry’s cafe’   When my brother-in-law Arun, heard that I was going to Coonoor he not only told me to check out Café Diem but followed his suggestion up a few days later with an insistent reminder for the same. One of the topics that we can talk tirelessly of […]

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  • Servings : 2
Turmeric fresh and mango ginger pickled

On the Negamam saree trail

Hindu metro plus , Negamam info.thadam@gmail.com Thadam tours are run by a talented group of people who organise tours in and around Pollachi.   Being a part of the 100 saree pact last year has influenced me to take notice of the traditional weaves that are still in practice close to my home town. The […]

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Flower power- jewellery that leaves you spellbound

Hindu metro plus , Floral trinkets that are a visual delight   The Amar Chitra Katha comics had much more to offer a young girl than just stories on mythology.  The stories ,that focused on women especially had pages and pages of beautiful jewellery and drapes. My favourite, however, was the floral jewellery. Be it […]

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