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Tamarind flowers

Hindu Metroplus, A dash of tamarind flowers When you walk under tamarind trees during this time of year ,the ground beneath your feet,should you chance to look down, will be coated with a light dusting of yellow.The first flowers of the tamarind trees have begun to put in an appearance and can be spotted in […]

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Pearl onions ( chinna vengayam)

Hindu Metroplus, A pearl among veggies There we were,just mother and daughter tucking into a plate of vegetarian kothu parota.A few spoonfuls later, it dawned on us that the dish before us contained less of the bits of sautéed parota and more of chopped onions which had been cooked until they softened. Now our family […]

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Moringa flowers

Hindu metro plus , Saying it with moringa flowers   The lunch menu at home went something like this murungakkai sambhar , sundakkai poriyal and murungapoo varuval. Left to me I would have loved to add a murungakeerai cutlet along with it but fearing protests from my offspring’ decided to save that for another day […]

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