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Chettinad’s food scenes

The Hindu Metroplus Coimbatore , The spice conundrum On a recent visit to Chettinad, several food facts came to light: the food doesn’t have to be loaded with spice; vegetarian options are just as delicious; most homes and establishments still retain traditional cooking techniques; and pressure cookers don’t rule the kitchen!   The uppu kari […]

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Chettinad Diaries

The Hindu Metroplus , Chettinad Diaries   1.Weaver’s colony What was once a thriving colony of over 2000 weaver families has dwindled greatly and is now reduced to a mere handful who work at the hand operated looms.Chettinad cotton sarees are much loved for their vibrant colours and traditional patterns.The proprietors at both Senthil Kumar […]

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