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Pearl onions ( chinna vengayam)

Hindu Metroplus, A pearl among veggies There we were,just mother and daughter tucking into a plate of vegetarian kothu parota.A few spoonfuls later, it dawned on us that the dish before us contained less of the bits of sautéed parota and more of chopped onions which had been cooked until they softened. Now our family […]

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Tender tamarind leaves

Simplicity Coimbatore, Flavours of tender tamarind leaves   After I began exchanging food trivia with readers and fellow food enthusiasts ,my senses not only began to get more attuned to seasons but also the untainted taste of simple local ingredients. Last year while walking through the neighbourhood of my growing up years,I continued to look […]

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  • Servings : 8-10
  • Cook Time : 20 Min
mochai rice with faded background (1)

Kollu paruppu (horse gram lentil)

Hindu metro plus ,A hot favourite It doesn’t matter where one is from or how much of global cuisine one is exposed to because at the end of the day all food enthusiasts have one thing in common.We all crave comfort food.Not anything fancy or unusual but food that reminds us of being ‘hand–fed’ by […]

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Sundakkai / thai eggplant /turkey berry

Hindu metro plus , sundakkai a k a turkey berry Thai food features on our menu at least a couple of times a month,especially when the weather turns cool. The combination of the fiery thai chilli paste and sweet ,creamy coconut milk is one that is irresistible. Over the years I’ve managed to grow the […]

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