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Peerkangai benefits

Simplicity Coimbatore , Ridge gourd peel in my chutney   We love the taste of peerkangai when cooked in the traditional manner by adding a little milk and turmeric with other spices and seasoning.It cooks to an almost melt-in-the-mouth consistency and contains a natural sweetness that is enhanced through the cooking process. While we enjoy […]

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The indigenous rice varieties of India

Simplicity Coimbatore , Rice and it’s wonderful varieties When did we start thinking that of rice as an unhealthy ingredient ? Not only has it existed as part of this country’s diet for thousands of years but more importantly it is ‘the’ grain that is best suited to the Indian DNA in terms of digestion,absorption […]

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The Hindu Metroplus , The power of Purslane   A few years ago , I was introduced to the grow bag system of raising plants.This was encouraged by many a kitchen garden expert as the best means to use minimal water and save space. Our grow bags contain those plants that I feel thrive happily […]

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