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Thenga manga pattani

The hindu Metroplus , Peas and manga With all the juicy ripe mango varieties that usually make their way to our home it’s only this year that we were fortunate to also receive a generous lot of killimukku manga from my sister-in-law , Mahitha akka’s farm. No matter how old one is ,this variety does […]

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Maanga up for grabs

Simplicity Coimbatore , The versatility of the green manga Some of my most precious memories in life are those that were spent listening to the words of our former President Shri.Abdul Kalam. His messages, often simple spoke about sustainable living in a doable manner. During one of his talks here in Coimbatore,he laid emphasis on […]

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Ven pongal with millets

Hindu metro plus , Millet pongal We grew up eating the staple dosa (south indian rice pancake) ,chutney and sambhar (lentil side dish) breakfast.On special days there would be piping hot,crisp ullunthu vadais  (deep fried savoury donuts) waiting for us at the table (my brother’s favourite) .The one dish that was rarely made at home […]

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Kollu paruppu (horse gram lentil)

Hindu metro plus ,A hot favourite It doesn’t matter where one is from or how much of global cuisine one is exposed to because at the end of the day all food enthusiasts have one thing in common.We all crave comfort food.Not anything fancy or unusual but food that reminds us of being ‘hand–fed’ by […]

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  • Servings : 5
  • Cook Time : 15 Min
Little millet saladx

Drumstick – The Miracle Tree

Hindu metro plus , Moringa Olifera The murungaikai (Moringa) tree is chockfull of nutrients but we don’t pay much attention to it One can’t quite be blamed for indulging in rich food during this festive season. But in the midst of feasting on pongals, payasams, kesaris and halwas, we need to maintain a balance between […]

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  • Yield : 6 Cups
  • Servings : 8
  • Cook Time : 30 Min
Pumpkin soup close up
  • Yield : 3 Cups
  • Servings : 6-7
  • Cook Time : 10 Min
Mango salsa edited with nachos
  • Yield : 3 Cups
  • Servings : 5
  • Cook Time : 40 Min
Thinai with sundried tomato ,swiss chard and country corn