The “Baby Shower” part

Having an expectant mommy as a friend adds another dimension to the ‘friendship’. More smiles, many more topics of conversation,new vistas to explore and generally a whole lot more love going around ! Pregnancy,we all know is, often, after the initial excitement dies down, a period of introspection for the expectant parents. A multitude of thoughts, dreams and anxieties make up the wide range of mixed emotions ! A very special time indeed ! The ‘baby protector’ or the ‘mom’ as she will be known later, deservingly ,becomes the focus of attention,while she prepares for the safe and loud arrival of her most precious gift ! Choicest food cravings are made availableĀ  and the lucky ones,as most of us are,have loving folks around waiting to pamper and cater to every whim ! One of the fun ways to pamper and add a cherished memory to this special period is ,indeed the BABY SHOWER !

baby shower table side

Baby Shower- so called,as to shower the expectant mother with things she may need or use during this period or later when the baby arrives ! I have been fortunate to attend many such baby showers ,including my own where the air was alive with love and affection ! What better vibes than those,to welcome the little angel.

As you can see,the warmth was obvious right from the way the table was set…all delicate and endearing,celebrating the arrival of not one angel but two…as this occasion had two happy ,glowing,mommies-to-be !

baby shower mommies to be

When the hot weather gave way to some gentle breeze,the laughter and conversation flowed more freely as we tested our baby sitting skills with some ‘baby games’ :) I dare say , a few of us (aka) me…needs a refresher course šŸ˜‰

baby shower food

Tea time is in itself a time for delicious snacky treats,at a baby shower,the effort is made to make it extra -special. My lovely hostess,did go the extra mile and then a bit more and then just another bit more and laid out a scrumptious but pleasingly ,not too heavy a spread,where every bite was more delicious than the previous one ! Brownies , sweet bruschettas with balsamic strawberries, chicken cutlets, dhoklas, grilled aubergines,caramel popcorn in a dainty doily cone,mini quiches, pesto stuffed juicy tomatoes,litchi sorbet, little bundles of bacon and jalapeno , broccoli squares and adorable ‘baby’ shapes of grilled paneer were just a few of the items on offer…yep ! I got to taste it all !!!

baby shower paneer

The rocking horse, romper, pram were sooo cute…what was very evident was ‘the labour of love’ ! The other detail was that the colours were not just pink and blue but a riot of purples and lime greens and yellows…it seems to shout out…welcome li’l darling to a world filled with happiness as bright as these colours,I assure you,with us,you will not know a moment of boredom !Ā  Lol…ear plugs ,on the other hand might be a sound investment…haha !

baby shower cake stand

An evening like this ,though it may not be a part of the traditional ‘Indian ‘ way of pampering the mother-to-be,it does have a lot in common with the way ,we as Indians,share our joys ,by bonding over food and lend a helping hand when a loved one needs it the most ! So, the ‘baby shower ‘ part is a welcome addition to my life and I look forward to more such celebrations which herald the birth of another unique ,special being into our world !


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