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In the midst of all the fun and revelry ,that take place at family weddings and gatherings,the conversations do also tend to take on a serious note every now and then. I was struck by the similarities in the way people have begun to perceive food and it’s effects both good and bad. Interacting with other folk outside my city ,I came to the realisation that more and more people are starting to make the connection between the many illnesses, that have become frightfully common in recent times and the quality of the food that we are ingesting into our bodies. At every turn ,people are being diagnosed with ,sadly,terminal sickness.

What do we do ? is the general woe , how can we be assured of eating food that has not been tainted by anti biotics and chemicals. Does eating fruit and veg do more harm than good ?

About 3 years ago while in Kuala Lumpur we were introduced to ‘ozone therapy’. While being initiated into it’s many benefits we also came across what was called a ‘food detoxifier’ . Now,the asian people have always known to be great believers of alternate medicine relying on the natural rather than on the man made chemicals. We were astonished to see the variety of food detoxifiers that were available in the market. Our Malay and Chinese friends were rather matter of fact about using them in their daily life. It’s not rocket science,the logic behind it’s working is quite simple,it’s just a matter of understanding and accepting the same. Loss of a loved one,does put you in the frame of mind to look for many alternatives towards leading a healthy life. We bought a food detoxifier,straight away, from the Okamizu brand and were eager to start using it.

The food detoxifier has been in use at my home for the past 2 and a half years. Within 6 months I did notice a change in my childrens’ immunity levels. Still unsure if I was kidding myself, I waited  to see and now after these many months I am absolutely sure that it has had a positive impact on my family’s health. In a year ,my family and friends will tell you,that I was like a crazed person,trying to get everyone I knew, to invest in a food detoxifier,I even wanted to start marketing it myself ,all the way from Japan.

Thankfully,it was around that time that Kent launched their version of the Kent ozone veg and fruit purifier. After examining their product we found it no different ,other than the fact that it was obviously far less expensive than the Japanese one. Upon further searching ,we were amazed to find a company right here in Coimbatore called Faraday ozone. They too make a food detoxifier .It is just as good ,they export it to may countries and it is called the Faraday domestic ozone sterilizer. Both Kent and Faraday offer free demos at your home. Kent 1800 100 1000 . Faraday 99429 33449 .

I would like to tell you a little about ,what I have learnt from my daily usage of the ozone food detoxifier. Ozone( O3 ) is comprised of 3 oxygen atoms. It is generated  by highly powered electrical discharges either in the air or in O2 ,using a clinical oxygen cylinder.  The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration USA ) has granted it GRAS ( Generally recognised as safe ) status for use in food contact applications. It is the purest form of oxygen and as a result it is not suitable for direct inhalation into the human body. However it is a strong disinfectant and oxidizer. It works on any pathogen or contaminant than can be DISINFECTED or removed via an oxygenation process. It is used in Europe and the USA to disinfect water and is 50% stronger than chlorine and is 3000 times faster. Chlorine as we all know is a very strong chemical.

As the food detoxifier works ,you can get a distinct aroma which reminds me of the smell of rain on the earth. I have seen and continue to see toxins coming up to the surface,particularly while detoxifying poultry ,sea food and other meat products. I have seen also frothy toxins being brought out from vegetables with a high water content like many gourds. Despite the fact that we buy organic vegetables,we have to keep in mind that the air and ground water also contain a vast amount of pollutants. The organic farmer cannot really be blamed for ravages caused by chemicals outside of his domain. The questions which I get fequently asked is ,”how do I know that they are toxins and not froth?”. Once the froth settles , I have experimented by setting fire to the scum with a matchstick and it does indeed combust and burn blue,an immediate giveaway that it’s more than just froth. Also there are many toxins that do not rise to the surface and dissipate in the water itself. The fruit and veg last much longer in your refrigerator after detoxification .Give it a try. It is an extremely simple process. Fill a glass or steel bowl with water,put in the required vegetables. the tube from the detoxifier needs to be also put into the water. Then just switch on the machine for the required time limit. I use 15 to 30 mts for fruit and veg and 45 mts for non veg. I use it every day while eating at home. I believe that it only makes my system stronger,to get the real benefits of produce and also facilitates eating out whenever needed. It has not compromised our health in any way. Ozone kills viruses , fungus and mold spores, protozoa ,fungal pathogens, cysts ,algae and much more. These have been proven ,you may google any one of these sites to know more. You do ,however ,need to use it regularly to feel and reap the health benefits.

food detoxifier frothThe scum is a whole lot more for all meats and sea food !!!

After many an insightful conversation with people from all walks of life,I write this with a view to  try and help those around me make an informed decision.The rest is really up to each individual and what suits his or her lifestyle. The cost of these products is only between 4000 and 6000 rupees ,depending on what product you chose. That’s not much at all  when you look at the benefits to healthy living. It is inexpensive,no need for storing and transporting of hazardous materials.The maintenance is almost nil. The machine requires zero after care,the tube is made of silicon so it has a long shelf life. The machine is compact and takes up very little space and is suitable for any home kitchen. So the cost of maintenance is minimal. What I do hope in the future,is to have restaurants and hotels investing in these. It really is not that difficult ,it just requires a slight shift in the daily working pattern. That goes for all of us. A little organizing of our day and we can all  fit the food detoxifier into our daily plan


Food detoxifier at work

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5 Responses to The food detoxifier

  1. Priya October 16, 2014 at 2:47 pm #

    Hi Shanthini,

    Thanks for sharing this. I would like to use it as soon as possible. Would give you my feedback :)

    • Shanthini Rajk October 18, 2014 at 5:54 am #

      Hi Priya,yes do try and revert !

  2. Zainab Mustafa Mamoowala January 25, 2015 at 5:13 pm #

    Hi tht was an interesting read….thanks!….

  3. ethyl April 17, 2015 at 5:17 am #

    How much is this cost? where to buy in the philippines? I am from davao city, philippines.

    • Shanthini Rajk April 17, 2015 at 11:34 am #

      Hi ethyl. I’m not sure where in phillipines. check Okamizu food detoxifier on google. In India it costs between 3000 to 6000 INR

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