The monkey Bar experience

Despite the grumble of traffic and the moans and groans of distance Bengaluru is always a place that I look forward to visiting. Not only is it filled with my most darling friends but also that they are ‘foodie friends’ ! Bangalore is a true foodie haven . Whatever kind of food experience that you happen to be in the mood for is available… Nothing like letting your hair down with close pals,so amazingly rejuvenating.

Monkey bar is a great hangout. I love the way Kavita,my sister blogger  refers to it as simply ‘Monkey’. It’s so endearing and speaks much about what a special place it is for her… a place where she likes to spend time chatting and dining with her family and close friends and also speaks volumes of the sibling like warmth that she shares with Chef and part owner Manu Chandra .

Monkey bar chilli pav

The homely but very cool atmosphere is reflected not just in the decor but also in the food. It’s hearty yet stylish. The generous portions , the colourful glazed flatware are all so involved with welcoming the diner and making sure it’s an experience that becomes an addiction…especially for Sunday brunch ! The fussball table ,one floor below is the perfect distraction to walk off the food and then come back for more ! 😉


It’s the perfect place to take the kids for a full midday meal. I’m sure it works for other times as well but this timing suited me great ! The food that I loved were ,the eggs Benedict with the pale hollandaise sauce that my kid couldn’t have enough off. The big waffle drizzled with nutella and maple syrup with a side of crispy bacon. My husband enjoyed every bite of his flaky egg paratha with the yummy accompaniment of mutton kheema !

Monkey bar pancakeThe big waffle



Monkey bar eggs benedictThe eggs benedict


Monkey bar egg paratha with kheemaThe parathas with kheema


The red velvet waffle with cream cheese….what can I say…just the right amount of sweetness without the overwhelming decadence,elevated by the rosettes of cream cheese and crunchy bits of praline and what looked like toasted hazelnuts,hit all the right notes of sweet and savoury. The cereal sundae ,you just have to try ! Loaded with fresh fruit,granola made in house and cool icecream (they do offer lemon curd too ),it was crunchy , fresh and so yummy ! It looked so inviting,there was no time for a photo. It was a straight dive,nose in !!!

Monkey bar red velvet wafflesThe red velvet waffle


The others loved their big breakfasts too. The Lord Cubbon’s Vice was a huge breakfast platter with eggs ,sausages,grilled tomato and rosti. It was polished off merrily by a father and son duo. Kavita’s favourite is a twist on a southern breakfast with a poached egg,sausage patty and bacon with a drizzle of mustard !

Monkey bar breakfast sliderHas my salivary glands working overtime !!!


Monkey bar Cubbon's viceLord Cubbon’s Vice

An apt name for that creation. Lord cubbon was the then Viceroy of Bangalore and I’m sure he would’ve loved to have been served that for breakfast :)

Now,this is just a post to share with you my experience at ‘Monkey’ and is not in any way a review of the place,simply because I lack the necessary credentials to do so ! Each person’s palate has his or her own unique standards and I just am so happy that this place completely satisfied mine. When you do head up to Bengaluru and visit the Monkey Bar… I would love to know what you thought and what your moments were like … share your food tales too !!!


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