Weinacht Stollen

While we are talking about all the things we love at Christmas,I must mention to you the one other delicious loaf of cake/bread that finds it’s way to my table every December…I know it by it’s German name, Weinacht Stollen…It’s a loaf of bread made for winter filled with dried fruit and rum…to help keep up your energy in the cold winter months…over time it became traditional food to be savoured during the Christmas season…now families order it well in advance to send it to loved ones all over the world and also to fill their own larder in the festival season !Stollen-how-to

If ever you want to make it….this seems to be the best recipe !

However,if you are like me,very content to have it brought to you…you know what to ask for when someone is visiting from Germany during Christmas or if you happen to be travelling in that area yourself ! Do bring back home, a loaf of Stollen,you will love it !!!

christmas stollen 011

My family and I love the delicious flavour of spices and orange and the coating of confectioner’s sugar,that hits the perfect sweet note at the end…it’s great for breakfast or in the evening with a cup of hot coffee…that’s how I was taught to eat it and it’s perfect for this cold December weather !!! Thank goodness there are lots of people in the family to share it with or I might end up eating a great deal more than what I should !!!!

Christmass Stollen

Why don’t you ask your nearest baker if he/she can make you one of these delightful loaves….you never know…they just might grant your wish !!!! Cheers !

Oh…you will let me know if they do won’t you ?!!…after all ,it’s the fair thing to do…. ;)))

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