Wine and Cheese

There is something very uplifting about a mid week “girls only” outing.It’s not really something you have to do orĀ  even ‘need’ to but when it happens it’s definitely a lot of fun. A “wine and cheese” evening was suggested by a friend and I loved the idea of spending time relaxing and catching up with the others….Like she said ‘it’s not about the food’….so ,I was all set to put my foodie thoughts aside and focus only on the company and conversation,an equally pleasurable task,if I may add !

cheese platter vandalised
wine and cheese 4

wine and cheese 3
Was I in for a surprise…more like delighted amazement.The table looked so beautiful and appetising…’not about the food ??!!’ Really ??!!…Accompanied with cranberry juice,pink champagne,proseco and chardonnay and candlelight…it did start off on an unforgettable note.As the conversation flowed more than the spirits did and the topics ranged from politics,to face lifts (of movie stars only!!!)to movies,to children,music and much more,the slow assault on the cheeses began. First to get completely vandalised ,was the goats cheese and we so enjoyed the various pairings with the fruit and the yummy preserves .

cheese platter demolishedPost the cheese attack !
cheese platter vandalisedJustice done to the cheese platter !

A bit of this ,a dollop of that , a smear of this and a drizzle of that…the action had begun and no one seemed keen to stop…the marinated olives and bites of pineapple and jalapenos…I was in foodie paradise.For me personally,it was just what I needed after a particularly long day,the freshness of the green grapes and lusciousness of the juicy strawberries were so reviving.I did sample some cheeses for the first time ,a red cheese,which had a smoky flavour and a cheese with nettles…interesting,though ,not my favourite ! Gouda,blue cheese,cheddar ,some flavoured,some plain…with little rounds of bread and crackers,loads of laughter in between ,ended on a sweet note with chocolate fondue with berries and cake for dunking…I’d say it was the perfect evening and oh…it “was not about the wine” !!!!

All of these cheeses are available at Godrej Nature basket which is open in the metros.In Coimbatore,we do have quite a good variety available at Nilgiris and Nuts n Spices…except for the goat cheese.
So,my reason for sharing this, is,a relaxed evening with friends can be special without having to slave over a hot stove…although my host did go to a lot of trouble ,as is evident ! It’s something to consider,the next time you plan an all girls evening…. iced tea and a variety of mocktails will go great with cheeses too !

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