Witches’ Hats Cupcakes

cupcakes for halloween
witches' hat cupcakes

Halloween parties…thanks to comics and movies,the kids are so aware of Halloween and all the fun associated with it…an American tradition is soon catching up all over the world…It is so fun planning the food for a halloween party and of course dressing up ! Thanks to such dos ,I find myself engaging in very unfamiliar work of thinking a bit out of the box and coming up with ideas with what is available here…here is my feeble attempt at witch’s hat cupcakes…the picture in my head was a bit different let me tell you…I really was not going to share this amateur messy creation with you but since the kids and adults loved it…I thought maybe I could share it with you after all ;P
The idea was to invert ice cream cones onto the cakes and paint them black…wasn’t so simple…the cones being rather thin…the water icing would make them soggy…so decided to melt chocolate and add black food colouring…this had to be applied gently as the base of the cone when inverted was very fragile… I could not do the green band that i wanted to because then the chocolate would get wet again and merge with the frosting…the next time I attempt this maybe thin shreds of a green mint leaf can be wrapped around :)
So,then these cones were inverted onto simple frosted cupcakes and some more frosting was dribbled on the base and sprinkled with orange and black halloween hundreds and thousands….which also happily rolled around the floor…what a mess…but nothing like the satisfaction of finishing what you started,especially if it brings happiness to those around you !




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